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About VCQC

The largest Queer collegiate task force in Virginia state history.

For most of our histories as Queer organizations at various Virginia universities and colleges, we have faced inwards towards our school's Queer community. Our net of activism and advocacy did not extend beyond our campuses. Yet, as seen by recent Virginia legislation, our influence solely on one collegiate community is inadequate for state-wide change.

VCQC's Story

As of September 20th, 2022, Sigma Omicron Rho, the Queer Student Union, and oSTEM at the University of Virginia have combined our knowledge, resources, and efforts to create a united body. To answer the needs of our State and Local communities, we have created the Virginia Collegiate Queer Collective (VCQC). Under normal circumstances, the VCQC will only actively operate through the Leadership Council, uniting our organizations' leaders to share resources, information, and updates during the academic year. Under extraordinary circumstances that threaten the safety and well-being of our state-wide Queer community, individual organizations can propose to initiate an Emergency Session. The organizations’ leaders will undergo a brief period of meeting together, and with their own organizations, deliberate and vote on activating the VCQC into full-scale activity.

VCQC Directors

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